Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, I went to my new local Doctor for the second time yesterday, and I am now formally ---


What did do to earn this? As You know, if you read this Blog, I had a Kidney Transplant in1996.  That means that I have been on Steroids since then, as part of my anti-rejecton medications.  AND ........... this great drug, that has helped keep me alive since the transplant, also has it's bad side.  I knew that it would slowly eat away at my skeletal structure over the years.  I knew that it would give me early Arthritis. I even knew that it typically caused early Diabetes in transplant recipients.

But somehow, I had convinced myself, that since I had gone this long, I would possible miss this side affect of the drug.

That dream balloon got punctured yesterday with my second Blood Test for Glucose.  My Glucose was in the upper 200's.  The Doc put me on a Pill to use, gave me instructions for recording my readings over the next couple of weeks, and told me to pick up a decent Blood sampling device at a Drugstore, on the way home.

So, I armed myself with the appropriate tools, spend the afternoon and evening studying everything, and I even contacted a couple of friends that were already Diabetics.  

AND, today, I started; taking my pills, pricking myself and recording the readings.

According to the Doc, the pill will work for me, and I can avoid Insulin shots for a while, but that will be unknown for a couple of weeks of data collection.

The good thing is, that I already had 2-months of data on the foods I have eaten, an the Doc said my diet was great, and I had to keep it up and keep dropping weight.  Helen is keeping up with everything and is already a big help for me in planning for this new twist of fate for us.

Regardless of my eventual level of this insidious disease, Helen and I plan to continue to enjoy ourselves and travel in our RV around the country as much as possible. We will be adding information on managing this disease, including DO's and DON'T's, to this Blog as we learn and travel. 

I have already informed my GP and my Nephrologist that WE need to get this thing under control within the next 7 weeks, or we will be coordinating things remotely.  Because Helen and I WILL BE hitting the road then.  I know, a little arrogant, but that is where Helen and I are on this.

A NEW Incentive, I guess .......  Huh?

More on this situation, Later!

Have a good Day!

Don & Helen