Thursday, November 19, 2009

We landed in Wauchula, FL yesterday!

We left Lynchburg on Tuesday, just ahead of the cooler weather that was heading their way!

I drove for ten hours (including rest areas, lunch stop, etc), and we pulled into a decent KOA for the night right off of Exit-1 in Georgia, just north of Jacksonville.

Helen and I were really whipped, more by the stress of the drive than anything else. 

You know how it is.  Driving on our great Interstate highway system,is similar to running through an obstacle course, manned by idiots.  You have to keep your mind keen, and you eyes constantly on the road both in front of you and behind.

We dodged wrecks that had not been cleared.

We drove through construction areas where the narrowed lanes, backed up traffic, and the other mad drivers scared the Hell out of us ..... several times.

We bounced over ridiculously large holes in the road.

We were thrown into the air by sections of the road where a lane of a bridge and the regular lane were not sloped properly.

We were pushed from our lane by insane people who actually think that they have the right-of-way on a merge ramp.

And, we had numerous people who would pass us only to slow down in front of us.

So when we did pull in for the night, I just hooked up the Electric at my site, we took showers, and opened a bottle of Chardonney just to calm down enought to get some sleep.

We pulled out yesterday morning ...... early!  We cruised into Florida, and arrived at out TT campground in Wauchula FL around 1:30 PM, and were all set up by 3.

Naturally, I came down with an attack of the Gout soon after we landed, and I have spent last night and today medicating, and complaining, but we figure we will start our explorations of the CG and the local area tomorrow. 

The CG itself reallly is very nice, and we really look forward to meeting some more people and hearing great stories.
More Later!

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