Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still in Wauchula, FL

Well, we are still here in Wauchula FL, at the TT campground.

We have really enjoyed ourselves up until last night when the rain storms moved into the area.  It has disrupted some of our plans, but, in reality, we still have plenty to do.  Not counting all of the neat things they have organized here at the CG.

Yesterday, we drove up to Lakeland where our favorite custom awning/screen couple live and work. I had given them an old rain screen of mine from another RV, to make a matching upper screen for my new RV.

I know you have seen the system I am installing.  My main awning is an automatic awning that extends straight out from the RV, and not at an angle.  This means that the end is a lot higher than a conventional manual awning that can extend at pretty much any angle you want.

So, I had my friends make a 17.5 foot long by 18 inch screen that I can insert into the groove in my RVs awning.  It has an eyelet installed along its full length one foot apart.

Now, I can open my main awning, and the 18-inch length will drop down, and I can hook my other old rain screen, onto this, and have the rain/wind blockage, and privacy I used to have with my manual awnings.

And, it is easily removed by just unhooking the old screen, and storing it away, while I leave the new extension in the groove, and roll it up with the main awning.

Neat Huh?

So, we are just Chillin' and enjoying our reading, and crossword puzzles, and of course each other.

Back in a couple of days.

Don and Helen