Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold in Florida

Well, We have been pretty lucky so far this winter with the weather, I guess. 

We have been in Wauchula and Orlando for several weeks each, and we did have some typical "Winter in Florida" cold days.  You know, the temperature drops for a day or two and flirts with the low-thirties, and then it is back in the comfort zone for several days.  This we are used to happening, so no problems in the past.

But, we are in Thonotosassa (near Tampa) and as everyone that has a TV and watches the news knows, that we are really in the middle of a serious COLD spell. 

The temperatures at night have been right at freezing for several nights, with highs in the low fifties.

But, last night we hit a low of 29F at our camper, and it is supposed to only hit the upper 40's today. WOW!

Also, the weather people are predicting another cold front dropping down into the area over the weekend, and it is supposed to be worse than what we have today.

With all of this in mind, our entertainment options have dramatically changed for the present.  Yesterday, we did not even leave the RV all day.  We just laid back and read books and watched some old movies. 

I did catch up on some bill management, and document shredding, as well as some email cleanup that I had been delaying for a while.

I may have mentioned before, or not, but we use a Verizon Data Card for web access in our RV, and it is working quite well for us.  I have been noticing that all of the larger campgrounds are moving over to contractor-provided web access, and the better ones do provide "weak signal" free access at the clubhouse for the "casual PC user" (uses PC's very little).

The problem I found with these new providers is the fact that they are really expensive for the RVer that travels around; with charges in the $30 to even $40 per month access charges for high speed.

These fees are what drove me to my own data card, so I can have my access wherever and whenever I want for a flat fee.  This includes the fact that my wife and I both have PC's, and using my own data card ends up being cheaper for us.

Well, at least it is Sunny today, so we have made up a shopping list of those things that you never have time to stop and get, and we will go out this afternoon and make the rounds for these items, and I can then do some of those little things to the inside of the RV over the next few days, regardless of the cold outside.

PS.  For those of you that are RVing and are suffering with the Cold in your RV, check out my other blog and specifically you should read the posting on Keeping Warm in your RV.  I have put a lot of useful hints in that posting to help you with the cold.  I hope!

More later,

Don ad Helen.

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