Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday in Florida - The Freeze of 2010

Yeah, That is what it is. The Freeze of 2010! 

I even told a guy at a T-shirt store that he should have printed some.  I know they would sell!

We have been here, in Florida over the Winter before, and it does get cold here at times, but this years has made itself special.

Having one major Jetstream dump of Cold is not unusual, but we have had two consecutive ones, and the fruit industry has been hurt.

Helen and I have kept inside for the most part with an occasional foray into the campground to use; the Gym equipment, the library, and I have taken a few long walks. 

We have also gone out to eat and shop more than we would normally, but you have to fight the old "Cabin Fever" the best way you can.

We did find a nice Cuban restaurant on Brandon Blvd, in Brandon itself called Mambo's.  The restaurant is clean and the service is good. 

We tried a number of dishes we had never eaten before, and the portions were so large that we had to take half of what we ordered home in boxes.

The food was very good, and we plan to make at least one more trip there over the next few weeks.  We recommend it, if you are in the area.

According to the weather guru's, we have one more below freezing night tonight, and then we start a slow five-day ramp up to the 70's that we all love.

Then it will be; heated pools, Jaccusi's, and our favorite beach bars.  Can't wait!

Have a nice day!

Don and Helen!

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