Saturday, January 2, 2010

We're Baaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk!

Wow! Here it is January 2, and I haven't done anything with my PC except mandatory things like paying bills for over 3 weeks!

Some explanation is necessary! First, right after we were settled in our site at TT Orlando, I got sick and my system kind of went haywire for over a week.  I caught a bug and ran a low grade temperature of 100 for 5 days. This is a scary thing for someon with a suppressed immune system, so we watched it carefully.

This threw my system out of whack, and I ended up with attacks of the GOUT three times over 2 weeks.  For the "Gout uneducated" out there; because of the drug restrictions that I have as a transplant recipient, I can only use Colchicine to treat a Gout attack.

The drug operates by causing nausea and diarrhea, which tends to "flush" the Uric Acid from your system.  Not a fun thing to go through, to say the least.

Anyway, after almost ten days, I was 8 pounds lighter and pretty weak.

So, Back to TT Orlando.

We had mostly good days of sunshine and reasonable temperatures for the 3-weeks we were there, and I did get to use the heated Pool and Jacchusi several times.

Comparing the 2 TT campgrounds, Wauchuka TT and Orlando TT, is interesting.  The Orlando site is very large, has 2 large pools, large sites, and is well maintained. The Wauchula site is not as large, has only on smaller pool, and the sites are also large and well maintained.

The major difference to me is the location, I guess.  If you want to got to Disney, or find pretty much any other entertainment you want, and run around every day, then Orlando is the one for you.

If you want peace and quiet, to meet people, read books, or just walk around and enjoy the scenery, I recommend Wauchula.  The one thing to remember, is that there is very little to do in Wauchula itself, and a search for decent restaurants may end up in a 30-45 mile drive.  Other than that, I still prefer Wauchula for relaxing.

My son and his wife brought my grand-daughter down for a 2-day visit  after Christmas, that turned into a week, but we really enjoyed their visit.  We took them to Disney one day, and to Universal Studios on another day.  The granddaughter loved it!

When you have company, as you all know, you tend to do more things, and eat a lot more while they are with you, and this visit was no exception for me.  It looks like I am back on my diet for a while.

We left the Orlando TT CG, on Dec.30, and moved over to the Tampa area to a CG called Southern Aire.

It was kind of strange, but, even though I wanted to hop back and forth between the TT sites and save money for the winter, when I started planning our winter, I reserved a month at Southern Aire CG for Dec-30 to Jan-30 as a just-in-case thing.  I searched and checked on a number of CG's and this was the only one that would let me reserve a month with an option on 2 more months, that I could cancel if I wanted without a penalty charge.  So, I went ahead and locked down January with them.

This way, without going into a lot of detail, I was able to reserve 6-weeks at the Orlando and Wauchula sites for free, from Nov thru Dec-30, then 1-month in Tampa for $515 plus elec., then 4-weeks at Orlando and Wauchula for free during Feb.  That gave me 14-consecutive weeks of winter camping for $515.  Not bad in Florida, in the winter.  And I plan on using the TT sites for the month of March also.

FYI, Southern Aire is an older CG owned by Wilder, which has a number of CG's in Florida and Texas.

The CG is old but it is well maintained.  A number of the sites are old Park models, or old campers with Sun-room additions, that have been here for many years.

The streets were once paved, and are now a patchwork of patches, so to speak.

But, the pool and Jaccussi are clean and well maintained, and they gave me a nice, but small, open site, where I could get Satellite reception with no problem.  The Laundromat is clean and relatively cheap to use, and the residents are mostly long-time ones, and all have been friendly to us.

The best thing about the CG is it's location, off of exit 10 of US-4.  It is only 3 miles up the road from Lazydays the large RV sales company as well as the local Camping World.  Also, it is only about ten miles from Tampa itself, so overall, it is a pretty good place to stay, strategically.

We are settled in now, and are looking at doing some exploration of the area in a few days.

Have a nice day!

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