Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Little Things are what take the time.

It is the little things that take the time when you are preparing for a long RV trip.

I brought my RV back to my storage area, near my home the other day, and shut it down.

Then I went home and started working on a checklist of things I want to do, which includes those things that I MUST do before we pull out.

I went back today, just to check things out, as I do every couple of weeks, and opened the Fridge.

And, there it was COLD, and running along just fine.  I had committed the cardinal sin of campers when they put their Rig away.

I had someone else work on it, and when I parked it, I did not do a full shut down.

I always do this!

But, it was late, I was in a hurry, and what can I say.  Today, I had to pay the price.

The Fridge was Cold because I not only did not check it, and shut it down, I had also left the inside DC power switch.ON.

Not only were my batteries down, but I was a lot lower on Propane.

What was it that Forrest Gump said?

Stupid is as Stupid Does!

That was me all right ...... Stupid.

So, today, I had to run my generator for a couple of hours to get a good charge back on my house batteries, and then I went through my personal checklist for short term RV storage, before I locked the unit up.

Now I can do other things for a few weeks, before I have to goback and check on my unit.

Oh Well!

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