Monday, September 20, 2010

Mama is Away and I am going to revert!

I put Helen on a plane with her friend, very early this morning.
They are having a "Girls Week" in Connecticut, so I sit here, in my underwear, with a cup of coffee in my hand, and the TV turned up too loud on a news channel.

I just finished my breakfast.
She had boiled me some eggs, yesterday, so I made myself a Boiled Egg and Cheese, with mayonnaise of course, sandwich on an old hamburger bun.  If you toast them, they don't seem so stale.

Now, I am planning my day.

Oh Yeah, I left every utensil I used, lying exactly where I used them, so they will be handy for me over the next week.
That's called a male planning technique.

Later I will go down to our RV, and get a little work done on it, and return sweaty and dirty.

I will shower when I offend myself and as there is no one else here to tell me how bad I smell, that could be a couple of days.
Or today....... Who knows.

I will have to go to the Supermarket today and get some grocery basics such as;
Hamburger Buns
several sliced cheeses
some good Boarshead sliced ham and Turkey
Bags of Chips that make your breath smell bad
a couple of six-packs of low-cal Beer (gotta watch my girlish figure, ya know!)
maybe a couple of apples (I can tell Helen about them!).

And, of course, Some very HOT Spicy snacks.
You know, the good ones that burn worse the next day than they did when you ate them!

Then, I will raid the closest Blockbuster store for a pile of Sci-Fi and gory Mystery movies.
The ones that Helen hates.

Then, I will bring all of this home and put the meat away.
Hey! I understand rotten food!
The rest, I will just stack on the counter top for easy access over the next week.
That's call efficiency planning.

Yep! I will really miss her, while she is gone!
(Make note to self to tell her that,
when she calls to check on me. She'll really like that!)
My Winter Hobby!

Well, I gotta grab a magazine
and run to the bathroom.
I am going to have one of those real Man Poops ...... uninterrupted!

Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Bummer!

I am having a flashback.
Here I was with only a couple of things to do today, and I was doing a final edit on my book and I for got to confirm my appointment with a local guy to replace my cracked right-rear tail-light.

And, Yes, I have written a book!

It is about RV stuff, and I will be publishing it, soon I hope via Amazon, so look here for further updates on my progress.

ANyway, I went into one of those time-devouring modes, and forgot to "take care of business".

You see, my appointment is for 7:00AM on Monday.

And theguy stays very busy, so I was supposed to call him today to confirm thathe has space for my RV.

Well, I screwed up, and now I am in a quandry.

Do I fire up, drive 20 miles, and and get run away, or do I wait to later, and call?????

Oh, Well, I guess I will get up and call.

On with Life!