Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Bummer!

I am having a flashback.
Here I was with only a couple of things to do today, and I was doing a final edit on my book and I for got to confirm my appointment with a local guy to replace my cracked right-rear tail-light.

And, Yes, I have written a book!

It is about RV stuff, and I will be publishing it, soon I hope via Amazon, so look here for further updates on my progress.

ANyway, I went into one of those time-devouring modes, and forgot to "take care of business".

You see, my appointment is for 7:00AM on Monday.

And theguy stays very busy, so I was supposed to call him today to confirm thathe has space for my RV.

Well, I screwed up, and now I am in a quandry.

Do I fire up, drive 20 miles, and and get run away, or do I wait to later, and call?????

Oh, Well, I guess I will get up and call.

On with Life!

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