Saturday, October 30, 2010

An RV drive from El Paso to Mesa

Arizona Deseert from our car window by Don Bobbitt

An RV drive from El Paso to Mesa

The drive from El Paso, Texas is a long one, and when we crossed the country in our RV, we made this run in one day.  It was a long day, but we did get a lot of great pictures along the way, and here are a few of them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Walk along Medina Lake in South Texas

Campground wildlife at Medina Lake by Don Bobbitt

A Walk along Medina Lake in South Texas

We camped at a TT campground on Medina Lake for a couple of weeks in the autumn season, and we would take our daily stroll around the many roads in the campground. Here are a few of the pictures taht we took while there.

Bandaras, TX -- The Rodeo capital of the World!

Two days ago, we drove over to Banderas, Texas.

In our travels, and frequent stays at TT-CG's, we have met a number of people who have stayed at this campground at Medina Lake and they all said "You have to go to Banderas and check it out!"

It seems that Banderas is called the Rodeo capital of the World, and during the Summer season, they have a couple of months of serious Horse Shows, Rodeos, parades and pretty much perpetual Horse-related entertainment.

We knew that we were here at the wrong time for that, but we did want to check the town out.

From the CG, it is only twenty-some odd miles of driving.  And the scenery is interesting.

As we got closer we did notice an increase in the number of "Ranches" and "Riding Ranches", and just an overall increase in the number of horses grazing in fields.

We finally got to the town itself, and it might not be a "one-horse town" but it is a "two-street four-block town".

The town does have a certain charm.

But if you look closely you will see that the stores, restaurants, and small shops are modern and Credit Card ready even though they give that authentic feel of really neat old "Texas-style" establishments.

We did have a nice Lunch consisting of some very good Texas-style Barbecue. Helen had some Beef Brisket, while I jumped on a combination of pulled Pork Barbecue with sausage.

Both were really good, and we walked outside with a little waddle to our walk.

We walked through a few shops before we turne3d down a side street and walked into a clothing store.

After our visit, I can only say that; Judging by the uniqueness and pricing of the items, there are people with "real Money" that come to this town.

I'm not one of thm, but I did get a great, well-made hat for walking.  It was relatively cheap, as I did look at some "Beaver hats" that were priced from $900-$1200 each.

I know Beaver was popular in the 1700's, for quality hats, but Damn!

At these prices, I don't see how there is a live Beaver anywhere in the country!

Mine is actually made of Palm, and I even got a lesson in how to re-shape it when necessary.

The town does have one weekly tradition that I liked.

Every Wednesday is steak night.

You see, there is a local (outdoor) bar, a very big one, with tables scattered around under the trees, and a covered stage, and a very large Barbecue area.

What anyone can do is go to one of the stores (or bring your own), and buy a steak of your choosing.

Then, later, around 6:00PM, you take your steak over to the bar, and check in.

Once in, you give them; your name, your steak, and instructions on how ou want it cooked, and when you want to eat, of course.

Then you sit around, drink long-necks, listen to the local band of the day, dance, or just watch everyone else.

And, at the time you wanted to eat, you walk over to the Grills, tell them your name, and for a total price of $5 they will serve your steak, a big baked potato, and a small salad to you.

You go back to your table and you eat a fine Texas Steak, under the pen sky, while drinking your Longneck beer and listening to those great Country sounds.

Not a bad night out, from my perspective.

Oh, Yeah, we also walked by a replica of the famous "Judge Roy Bean" establishment from the classic Paul Newman movie of years ago.  I took a pic of it.

After walking through several shops, we got a little tired, and looked for a Supermarket.

That, by the way is something of a problem when you get out into the countryside of Texas.

There aint no chain stores is the Hill country!

Becaues we were in a "big town", as I was told, there was a Supermarket there that I had never seen before, that encompassed maybe 400 square feet, and we did stock up on a few things while there.

I did notice that the carts were all labeled "Walmart", so I pulled out my iphone and using the Yellow pages App, I searched for a Walmart nearby.

There were none within 25-miles, so I gave that thought a rest.

I did take the time to "Tug on Superman's Cape" though!

Actually, when you get out, and away from the cities, they local business' have a certain  charm taht I enjoy.

I plan to go our and take some pics of a few of them before we pull out.

Today, it is overcast windy, and not a good outside day for pics.

BTW!  Deer!

The little buggers are all over our Campground, and will walk right up to within 10-20 feet of you, and just stare at you, as if saying;  "What is Your Problem? Never seen a Deer before?"

They are smaller than the Deer we are used to in VA, NC, and SC, but they are thick as thieves, here.

I asked last night a a local restaurant, and now it makes sense.

In Texas you are only allowed to hunt Deer at certain times and in a limited number of areas.

So, our CG is in an area where Deer hunting is not allowed, at all, and they all migrate here for the season.

Our CG is a kind of seasonal resort for Deer!

Ya Gotta love it!